How to Set Up a Super Auction

Super Auction optimizes the value of mobile advertising by hosting a true, unbiased auction across all integrated demand partners, primary mediation partners,
and ad servers in real time.

Super Auction gives all integrated demand partners, including ONE by AOL Mobile Marketplace, the opportunity to compete for your inventory in a unified auction. The result? More competition, higher CPMs and no more FOMO about high-priced demand never surfacing.

Super Auction gives you the option to serve the highest valued creative to your user through a hybrid server-to-server and client-side solutions, both in-app and on websites. This prevents latency time—the biggest concern for any publisher—making your customer’s experience better. For more information see Super Auction: Benefits/Values for Publishers.

Integration and Setup

Follow the steps below to set up your own Super Auction. Each Super Auction is placement specific.

1. Enable Super Auction on your Account - Reach out to your Account Manager or submit a request.

2. Integrate the SDK 

  • Download the latest SDK 6.7.0 for Android/iOS. (Minimum required is version 6.7.0)
  • Add the SDK to your Project
  • Initialize it in your application

Get the nitty-gritty details in our developer integration doc.

3. Create a Super Auction Placement

  • Create a new placement for a new or existing application or site.
  • Save the placement and then monetize it.

4. Monetize your Placement with Super Auction - There are two options to choose from. Note: once the placement is saved (with either monetization method), all subsequent ad sources associated with this placement will use this setting and cannot be changed.

  • Select Super Auction - If a monetization method is not selected, an “Incomplete!” warning will appear on the placement. This warning will be removed once you click back into the placement, select the monetization method, and save the details.
  • Click Next.


5. Select the Ad Sources - Choose which ad sources will participate in Super Auction.

Once the preferred Ad Sources have been selected, click Apply. You will return to the monetization dashboard displaying the selected ad source(s).

Unlike the traditional waterfall method of tiering ad sources, Super Auction ad sources will be configured as one tier in a placement providing the highest level of competition possible per ad.

Sit back and let Super Auction do the work for you!




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