Release 189: October 4, 2017

 Included in this Sprint: new Traffic Filter by ad size, enlarged KPI area on tile view, ability to open items in new window and more.

NEW FEATURE: Bidder Configuration Page - New Traffic Filter “Ad Size(s) Allowed”

We added a new list selection "Ad Size(s) Allowed" under "Traffic Filters" on the "RTB Bidder Configuration" page. The filter ensures that bid requests will only be sent to a bidder when the size included in the bid request matches ad sizes selected in the new filter.


Users must choose one of the two options: All or Specific. "All" is the default.

Once a user selects "Specific", the dropdown is exposed allowing multiple selections. Sizes include:

  • 300x250
  • 320x50
  • 320x480
  • 480x320
  • 728x90
  • 768x1024
  • 1024x768

If a user selects "Specific" and individually checks all the values, when they save the "All" option is auto-selected.

If a user selects "Specific" but none of the values is selected, when they save the "All" option is auto-selected.

IMPROVEMENT: Campaigns Tile View - View Report Icon

For consistency, we removed the icon and added the View Report action (in tile view on the My Campaigns page) to the dropdown menu. Access View Report by clicking the ellipsis.


IMPROVEMENT: Tile View - Enlarged Area for KPI Graphs

In tile view, we moved the KPI title and scenario name to the top of the card and expanded the graph area.


IMPROVEMENT: Opening in a New Tab/Window

Users can now right click and open links and similar elements in a new browser window or tab in the following locations:

Dashboard (PSS) - All tabs

App/Sites tab (Tile View)

  • App/Site name
  • Each placement from dropdown

Ad Networks tab (Tile View)

  • Ad Network name
  • Each tag from dropdown


  • “Plus” icon
  • Edit action (click on the name in the grid)

Bidder/block groups

  • All tabs
  • Edit action (click on the name in the grid)

Monetization page

  • List of placements (each placement can be opened by right-clicking on placement tile from the placement panel)

BUG FIX: Help Center Launcher - Clickable Sections

We expanded the clickable area of sub-items within the Help Center launcher. Previously, users were required to click the text. They can now select a much larger area to navigate to the Customer Center or Submit a Request.

BUG FIX: Marketplace Settings - Overlapping Messages

We fixed the bug that caused overlapping labels to be displayed on the Marketplace Tab. The Invalid Data and Show CSV link messages are now separated.


BUG FIX: Monetization Page - Misaligned Floor Price and eCPM

Floor price and eCPM are now correctly aligned when viewing the Monetization page within the user account role.


BUG FIX: Monetization Page - Misaligned Tier Icon

We realigned (centered) the tier icon on the Monetization page when using Safari browser.


BUG FIX: My Campaigns - Two Issues

We fixed two issues with campaigns.

  1. When opening a completed campaign, the Ad Size field on “3rd-party tag” section was enabled and should have been disabled.

  2. When an incomplete campaign was opened, fields were disabled that should have been enabled.


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