Release 188: September 19, 2017

Included in this Sprint: New Traffic Filter by Ad Size, Auto-fill issue type when submitting a request ticket, QuickLink user experience.



IMPROVEMENT: Marketplace and Ad Network Settings - Updated Message for Saving and Restoring

When saving/restoring Ad Network Settings, the validation message has been updated to include the Ad Network name.


When updating Marketplace Settings, the validation message shown is more accurate (previously, the message was “Default settings were saved/restored”):


IMPROVEMENT: Customer Support Center - Issue Type is Prefilled

When submitting a request to the Customer Support Center, the field “Issue type” will be pre-filled based on the source of the request.

"Submit request" (from Pendo launcher, disclaimer, etc.) -
"Request Javascript" button JavaScript Tag Request
"Submit a ticket" when objects limit is exceeded Setup and Configuration
"Send request" from My Campaigns Setup and Configuration
"Submit a ticket" when Womp-womp error appears Technical

IMPROVEMENT: Customer Support Center Pages with QuickLinks - CSS Updates

Previously, there was an issue when a user clicked a linked section in an article, they would be brought to the correct spot in the document, but the black bar at the top of the Customer Support Center covered some of the article's’ content. This was especially evident when viewing articles with Quick Links to sections. When the user clicked a linked section, they were brought to the correct spot in the document, but they could not see the beginning of the section they jumped to, because the bar covered it.

Now, after applying style updates, when the user clicks a link in the Quick Links, they are brought to the correct spot in the document without the black bar covering any of the article’s content.

BUG FIX: Bidder/Block Groups - Removed Redundant Empty Column

Previously, when viewing the grid with Ad Sources  on the Bidder/Block Groups page an empty column appeared after the last column. The issue has been fixed and the additional empty column is no longer visible.


BUG FIX: Trees in Grids: Fixed Broken Strokes

Previously, the strokes for the trees in all grids across the application appeared broken to users. This has been fixed and all strokes are now solid.


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