Release 187: September 6, 2017

Included in this Sprint: KPI Reporting Trends, country targeting and changes to the UI dashboard. 

NEW FEATURE: Reporting Trends for KPIs in Tile View

Publishers in tile view can now see reporting trends for each KPI. Reporting trends are available on the following tabs:

  • App/Sites
  • Ad Networks
  • My Campaigns

Once a KPI is selected, the top part of the tile will display the trend for that KPI. Publishers can open reporting trends for multiple tiles at the same time.


Hovering over the graph will show a tooltip with the date and the title/value of the KPI. Use the x in the upper right corner to close the reporting trend.



IMPROVEMENT: App/Sites tab - Site ID in Tile View

Publishers can now view Site ID for each app/site when using Tile view.



IMPROVEMENT: Country Targeting - Ability to Target Most Popular Countries

In all places where country selection is available, frequently selected countries now appear at the top of the dropdown. The list of countries for quick selection are: United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Australia.



IMPROVEMENT: PSS Dashboard - URL Change and Saving of Dashboard Tab

When publishers login, the default landing page is now the PSS Dashboard (URL is*/home/dashboard?state=appsAndSites).

We removed the Dashboard item URL (*/home/dashboard) because it sent the user to the same page.

Also, now the state of selected tab is saved per user for a single session (until user logs out). That means if user has been on Marketplace tab of Dashboard, then goes to another page and finally clicks on Dashboard item in menu, they will be landed to the last visited tab (in this case it is Marketplace).


BUG FIX: Placement Page - Blank Space when Zooming

Previously, when zooming into the Placement page, blank space appeared between the list of placements and the list of ad sources. We fixed the issue and users no longer see the blank space.



BUG FIX: Help Center Launcher - Updated "What’s New" Counter

Previously the “What's New” counter displayed an error in the number of unread guides (red number) even if user had viewed them. We fixed the code to initialize users in one step and the counter now displays the correct number of unread guides in the "What's New" section.


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