Release 186: August 22, 2017

Included in this Sprint: Transparency settings, account creation, Terms & Conditions, Campaign Status.

NEW FEATURE: Transparency Settings for Publishers 

Publisher Admins can now manage their own transparency settings with approval from their account manager. The transparency settings allow publishers to bid on exchange inventory without revealing their real name by allowing them to replace their company name and site information with a blind value or an alias name.

Seller Admin - Company Setup

  • Added checkbox "Enable Transparency settings for PSS users" on Company Setup page.
  • Publishers with admin rights can now provision the seller account transparency settings.



Publisher level

Publishers can now set Company-wide transparency decisions on the Marketplace settings tab within Marketplace Details. All settings will be inherited at the site and tag level. Available selections are: Real Name, Alias Name (created by publisher), or Blind (no name). When choosing Alias or Blind a warning message will appear.


When selecting 'Alias Name' in the Marketplace settings the publisher is also required to set the Publisher level Alias Name. The system creates a unique Publisher ID different from the real name Publisher ID to further disguise the user. (Note: Publisher Alias ID is generated on the server side only after the form is saved; this field  is hidden until saved.)



Site level

The new advanced setting section on the site create/edit form allows the user to set site-wide transparency decisions by individual Site.

  • Uses the name visibility type from the publisher level setting to determine default site settings.
  • Caution message appears warning user that changing from Real Name to either Alias Name or Blind will significantly affect their Exchange revenue
  • If 'Alias Name' is selected the publisher is required to enter an Alias Name at the Site Level, so the system can create a unique Site ID different from the current Site ID (to remain anonymous).



Tag level

At the tag level, users can determine transparency name visibility settings. Real Name (default), Alias Name, or Blind.

  • Users are cautioned that changing from Real Name to either Alias Name or Blind may affect their Marketplace revenue.
  • If the user selects any level of non-transparency (Blind or Alias), the system unchecks the 'Include Site Domain, Site URL and App Bundle' field.


Users can override company-level settings at site level and site-level settings at tag level. Overridden values will always have higher priority. Once a value has been over-ridden, it will not be affected by any setting changes at higher levels.



IMPROVEMENT: PSS - Client Validation Message 

All input fields across the application now include a validation message that warns the user when invalid characters have been entered. If a user enters more than 5 invalid characters, only the first five are displayed along with the numeric quantity of the additional invalid characters.



IMPROVEMENT: Sign-up Process - New Version of T&Cs 

Updated T&Cs document is on the website.


IMPROVEMENT: Account Creation Form - Validation Message

The color of the Account Creation form validation message and border of the invalid field was changed to a softer red.



IMPROVEMENT: Campaigns - New Status Icons

On the Campaign form, each campaign’s status is displayed as a colored icon in the header:


Status of the campaign can change while editing any section on the form. Campaign status is immediately updated when the user clicks the 'Back' or 'Next' buttons or any navigation link at the left-hand side of the Campaign form.


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