Release 184: July 25, 2017

Included in this sprint: Integration Info Report, Launcher, and general style tweaks. 


NEW FEATURE: PSS Dashboard - Integration Info Report

Now publishers have the ability to export integration information for their App/Site and Placement IDs. A download icon has been added to the App/Sites grid in the upper right corner of the tab. You can export integration information data by selecting the "EXPORT INTEGRATION INFO as .CSV" download icon.


After clicking the download icon, a .csv file is downloaded which includes 4 columns:

  • App/Site name
  • App/Site ID
  • Placement name
  • Placement ID


IMPROVEMENT: Help Center Launcher - UX updates

  • Position of the Help Center Launcher icon has been moved to the top-right corner of the application.
  • The Help Center Badge Icon has changed from a blue to gray icon.
  • The Help Center Launcher can now be closed by clicking outside the area of launcher dropdown.



IMPROVEMENT: Style Updates - Minor Tweaks

  • The animated tabs on the ad source form have been adjusted to animate only a few times.
  • Restyling of Count Badges for placements, ad sources, and campaigns (tile view and Placement page) to match rounded form.



  • The Ad Sources add icon was made smaller to distinguish it from the Placement add icon:




IMPROVEMENT: Dashboard - View Report Option in Grids 

"View Report" is now an option in the actions dropdown menu for Applications and Sites, Ad Networks, and Marketplace tabs.



Clicking the “View Report” button opens a new browser tab displaying the Reports section of the application. Relevant reports are generated with the selected date range and displayed within the expanded report widget at the top of the page. The following reports are generated:

  • Applications and Sites Tab:
    • Site level: Revenue Report, drilled down by Site and Placement
    • Placement level: Revenue Report, drilled down by Site, Placement, and Ad Tag
  • Ad Networks Tab:
    • Revenue Report, drilled down by Ad Source and Site
  • Marketplace Tab:
    • RTB Revenue Performance, drilled down by Bidder --> current bidder drilled down by Site.

Caveat: This applies only to internal users in impersonate mode, since Bidder dimension is only available for internal users. No changes for publishers in Marketplace grid.


IMPROVEMENT: Client Side Validation - PSS and Sign-up Application

Client-side validation for all inputs across the PSS and Self-Registration application have been applied to allow the entry of ASCII printable characters (№32-126) from the table below:



BUG FIX: Ad Screening - Pop-ups Issues

Previously, when hovering over an ad on the Ad Screening page, several pop-ups could be shown at the same time. It happened only in cases when the Ad Screening page contained several ads with the same creative URLs. With this fix, only the pop-up for the ad which is hovered over is shown.

Additionally, some ads were displayed behind the pop-up and therefore not visible. Now this is fixed and ads are fully visible.


BUG FIX: Reports - Corrupted UI

The previous overall experience when navigating in the Reports UI was glitchy. At times, it was not possible to change dates in the datepicker, dimensions could not be added, and the report widget ‘randomly’ moved down the page. Now the fix is applied and the Reports UI is working as expected.


BUG FIX: Help Center Launcher - Counter Disappeared

There was an issue when resizing the page (making it narrower), the counter of new (unread) items for the “What’s New” section disappeared. Now, the counter is always shown if there are unread items in “What's New” section.

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