Release 183: July 11, 2017

Included in this sprint: Sign up fields, truncated names, targeting OS versions and general bug fixes. 

IMPROVEMENT: Sign-up Application - New Field

A new field for entering user’s App/Site URL has been added to the second step of the sign-up process. This is not a required field and is labeled “Enter your first App/Site URL”.



IMPROVEMENT: Placement Page - Truncated Ad Sources Names

In the Ad Sources table, on the Placement page, very long names of Ad Sources are now displayed with the first few characters followed by an ellipsis (...) similar to the grids and trees across the application. The full name will display as a tooltip when hovering (android) or on press and hold (iOS).



IMPROVEMENT: Update to OS versions on the List for Targeting

New iOS version 11.0 added to all targeting sections in the application.


BUG FIX: PSS Campaigns - Link for 3rd-party Tag Pop-up

When clicking on the question mark next to the “Markup” field, a publisher will be redirected to the help center page that opens in a new browser tab.



BUG FIX: Ad Sources/Campaigns - Performance Issue with Carriers Dropdown

Previously, when selecting some Carriers from the dropdown in the targeting section of Ad Source/Campaign, the UI froze and carriers were then added after a delay. Also, the tree component re-rendered after each checkbox was checked. These are now fixed.


BUG FIX: Placement Page - Incorrect Visible/Hidden Options in Ad Sources Display Dropdown

Previously, the dropdown displayed 4 visible and 4 hidden metrics, regardless of which columns had been selected. Now the dropdown reflects the actual state of visible/hidden columns in the Ad Sources table.



BUG FIX: Placement Page - Seller Name Truncated

Very long seller names were not truncated on the top of the Placement page and thus overlapped the Display dropdown. We fixed this bug so it now displays a truncated Seller Name with ellipsis and full name is shown on hover (android) or press and hold (iOS).





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