Release 182: June 27, 2017

Included in this sprint: Interstitial video, small tabs, tile view improvements and general bug fixes. 

IMPROVEMENT: Interstitial Placements - Video Section

When placement type is Interstitial and the app/site integration type is JavaScript (PSS + Seller Admin), the video option (with all video settings) is not available and therefore not displayed. The affected Ad Source settings have also been adjusted.


IMPROVEMENT: Style Updates - Small Tabs

Small tabs now replace old style large tabs on the Ad Source form of the Placement page and the Copy Ad Source form. Animation and styles remain unchanged on the Ad Source form in the Assignments grid.



IMPROVEMENT: Tile Mode Added to My Campaigns Tab

Tile Mode is now available on the “My Campaigns” dashboard. You can click an icon near the search field to toggle between tile view and list view. Tile mode displays advertisers’ data on individual tiles (instead of in list format) with the following attributes:

  • Advertiser name (for house campaigns, Advertiser name = HOUSE)
  • 4 KPIs
    • Choose from 8 available KPIs
    • Drag and drop KPIs in the drop down to change the order in which they are displayed
  • Count of campaigns (Running / All)
  • View Full Report icon - with link to Reports page


Click the expand icon at the bottom of each individual Advertiser’s tile to reveal the list of running Campaigns. Clicking on a specific Campaign redirects the user to that Campaign’s form.


IMPROVEMENT: Tile Mode - Sorting Functionality

Now you can sort by Advertiser Name and any of the KPIs. Default sort is by Ad Responses in descending order.


IMPROVEMENT: Style Updates to Grid and Tree Components

On all grids and trees, very long names are now displayed with the first few characters followed by an ellipsis (...). The full name will be available in a tooltip. On iPad devices, long click on the truncated value to show tooltip.


IMPROVEMENT: Placement Page - Integration Info

Introducing a new way to view integration info (Site/App ID and Placement ID). The new "View Integration" option appears on the Placement page dropdown. The “Edit” icon has also been moved into this menu for simplicity and consistency.

After “View Integration” is clicked, the Placement tile changes to black on which all integration info is displayed. The Site/App ID and Placement ID Integration info box on the Edit Placement form has been removed.



BUG FIX: Users Grid Redundant Scroll Bars

When browsing with Safari, a bug caused the grid to show redundant horizontal and vertical scrolls. This bug has been fixed so that scrolls appear only if the grid does not fit the page.


BUG FIX: Placement Page - Dragging of Tiers

Occasionally, dragging an Ad Source to a tier malfunctioned and the Ad Source reverted to its previous location. This bug has been fixed so drag and drop functions properly.


BUG FIX: Confirmation Pop-ups - Text Wrapping

A bug on all confirmation pop-ups occurred where long values without spaces were shown outside the pop-up area. Resolved the bug by wrapping text so that long values remain within the pop-up area.



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