Release 181: June 13, 2017

Included in this sprint: Placement name on Reporting, Launcher What's New, general style
updates and bug fixes.

IMPROVEMENT: Reporting - Added Placement Name

Publisher Revenue, RTB Revenue and Traffic reports now show both Placement ID and Placement Name. Both columns now appear when Placement dimension is used.

In cases where no Placement Name is set, the field displays ‘undefined’. 


IMPROVEMENT: Style Update - Animation for Small Tabs

New animation is applied to small tabs on Ad Source form. The animation makes it more obvious that each tab contains data and users should click each tab to view content.



IMPROVEMENT: Style Updates - Grids

New section "Display spacing" allows user to select from 3 display states with varying row height and spacing for all grids. Selection options are:

  • More (wide)
  • Average (default)
  • Less (narrow)


Selection is applied as a global setting: when user selects an option on one of the grids this selection is applied to all other grids. Selections are saved per user session but default to Average when the session is closed out.


IMPROVEMENT: OS versions - Updated List for Targeting

The list of OS versions has been updated for all targeting sections.

  • iOS versions added: 9.3; 10.0; 10.1; 10.2; 10.3
  • Android versions added: 7.0; 7.1


NEW FEATURE: Help Center Launcher - What’s New Section

"What’s New” section added to Help Center launcher will be used to notify publishers of important items on the UI (such as when release notes are available.) The launcher includes a red indicator of the number of unread "What’s New" guides.



BUG FIX: Block Groups

Bug fixed within Block Groups: when all categories/domains were removed from specific Block Group (precondition: group was saved in Marketplace Settings), the Group was excluded from Marketplace Settings. Now when modifying Block Group (as described above) it remains in Marketplace Settings.


BUG FIX: Bidder/Block groups, Carriers dropdowns

An issue on Ad Source and Campaign forms with the Carriers dropdown and Bidder/Block groups dropdown across PSS: an open dropdown could not be closed by clicking the page or other controls. Issue is fixed and dropdown now closes when user changes field or clicks other controls.


BUG FIX: Notifications and Guides - “Dismiss” link removed

When clicking “Dismiss” in a Notification the user was redirected to the global dashboard instead of the page they were on. This bug was fixed by removing  “Dismiss” link from Notifications and all affected guides. User still has the ability to close pop-up by clicking “X” icon.


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