Release 180: May 31, 2017

Included in this sprint: Updates to tile view, grid and tree components and general bug fixes. 

IMPROVEMENT: Tile View - Updates

Tile view for Ad Networks: when user clicks on the tile name, the Ad Networks dashboard with assignments for that item will open.

Tile view for Apps/Sites: when user clicks on the tile name, the Placement page will open with the highest revenue placement selected.

IMPROVEMENT: Style - Updates to Grids and Tree Components

Several updates were applied to grids and tree components:

  • Expand/collapse functionality at all levels is indicated with a bold icon
  • Row height was increased from 40 px to 54 px.
  • All grids and trees now show ellipses for very long names or a tooltip (with full name) for truncated values upon hovering. User will now see only one row of text for all names.
  • During page loading, the loading icons appear centered in the grid content area.
    If there is no grid under the tab, loading icon is in the center of area under the tab.


BUG FIX: Duplicate Categories

Bug fixed within Block Groups, Ad Source form (Blocking tab), and Marketplace Settings so duplicate IAB categories no longer appear. The number of selected categories is now tallied accurately.



BUG FIX: “New in this Release” pop-up

On iPad devices the Notification “New in this Release” opened but it didn't fit the page - it was cut off on the right and left. This has been fixed and the “New in this Release” pop-up now fits the iPad screen.


BUG FIX: Placement Page - Missing Checkmark for Ad Source

When moving an Ad Source from the unassigned section to a tier, the successful “blue checkmark” failed to display in the Ad Source's “Actions”. Now it is fixed.


BUG FIX: Targeting Section - Operating System & Device 

When selecting targeting features in Ad Source, Campaign and Deals, if all possible values are selected and targeted negatively - the value in the device and/or OS drop-down is saved as “Blocked All” (instead of “Allow All”) and red warning text is displayed.


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