Release 179: May 16, 2017

Included in this sprint: URL hint text, update grids and trees, improved med rectangle video and general bug fixes. 

IMPROVEMENT: App Store/Website URL - Hint Text

We added hint text to the placeholder for App Store URLs/Website URL on the Site page:


IMPROVEMENT: Style Updates - Grids, Tree Components

All the grids and tree components across the application have an updated look:



  • Now when a sub-section is expanded, there is a dashed line to the left. Closed sections have solid lines.

  • Header for grids has a white background, but the column that is being used to sort has a grey background.


IMPROVEMENT: Medium Rectangle - Video Section

The video option (with all video settings) under placement type Medium Rectangle is only displayed when the integration type of app/site is API (PSS + Seller Admin). Ad source settings are also affected by placement settings.


BUG FIX: Self Service - The following bugs were fixed

Copy placement word change - fixed a typo in the ad source field (when no ad sources have been entered) from "There is no ad sources in this placement" to "There are no ad sources in this placement.”


BUG FIX: Sign Up Application

Users may no longer leave 'not a robot' unchecked and go to the next page by pressing Enter (reproduced only in Safari browser). This bug was fixed and user must go through ‘not a robot’ validation.


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