Restricted Ad Content and Control

To provide our buyers with maximum access to the most premium inventory, Oath Ad Platforms SSP must be vigilant and progressive with our policies regarding creative enforcement and ad quality.

The Oath Ad Platforms SSP offers brand safety and ad quality controls. Failure to comply with the policies outlined below will result in monetary penalties, the suspension of your account and/or removal from the Marketplace as indicated in the Terms of Service.

If at any time you have questions about any of our creative ad restrictions or policy guidelines, please contact your Demand Services Manager or submit a request for help.

Prohibited Content (by IAB Category)

Buyers must never serve ads which contain the following content:

  • Violence and hate
  • Adult and/or sexual products and services
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons and weapon accessories
  • Tobacco and tobacco accessories

Buyers on Oath Ad Platforms SSP must never serve ads that fall into the following IAB or custom categories:

IAB-24 Uncategorized   NEX25-101 Advertiser Unknown
IAB-25 Non-Standard Content   NEX25-102 Other
IAB25-1 Un-moderated UGC   IAB-26 Illegal Content
IAB25-2 Extreme Graphic/Explicit Violence   IAB26-1 Illegal Content
IAB25-3 Pornography   IAB26-2 Warez
IAB25-4 Profane Content   IAB26-3 Spyware/Malware
IAB25-5 Hate Content   IAB26-4 Copyright Infringement
IAB25-6 Under Construction   NEX26-101 Other
IAB25-7 Incentivized      

Category blocks are always passed in the “bcat” field of the bid request. Example: IAB24 and IAB 25-5. Refer to the IAB OpenRTB spec for additional details.

Prohibited Ad Behavior

Buyers must never serve ads or creatives with the following attributes:

  • Auto-redirect ads – automatically redirect the user without their engagement or direct action (e.g. click, touch)
  • Deceptive ads resembling user interface elements (e.g. text boxes) - these ads do not ask the user for permission before initiating services and/or fees. Includes click-to-call and click-to-subscribe ads that do not include an intermediary land page or other prompt that clearly explains the terms and/or fees associated with the call or subscription.
  • Deceptive ads that circumvent or interfere (or attempt to circumvent or interfere) with advertising operations - including but not limited to creative scanning. For example, cloaking ad content or ad behavior to avoid detection by quality controls.

Restrictions by Publishers

IAB Category Blocking

Many premium publishers use the Oath Ad Platforms SSP to share their mobile content. Some of those publishers may require blocking of the content categories listed below.

We expect all bidders to correctly classify all of their ads into the IAB categories. Additionally, buyers are not to serve ads that have been classified with blocked categories. Serving is permitted if the publisher does not have a block in place.


IAB or NEX # Description   IAB or NEX # Description
IAB3-7 Government   NEX9-107 Surveys & Quizzes
IAB6-6 Parenting teens   NEX9-109 Gambling
IAB6-7 Pregnancy   IAB-11 Law, Gov't & Politics
IAB7-39 Sexuality   IAB11-1 Immigration
IAB7-41 Smoking Cessation   IAB11-2 Legal Issues
IAB7-42 Substance Abuse   IAB11-4 Politics
IAB8-5 Cocktails/Beer   NEX11-101 Election
IAB8-18 Wine   IAB13-2 Credit/Debt & Loans
NEX8-101 Liquor   IAB14-1 Dating
NEX9-104 Content Downloads & Subscriptions   NEX20-101 Resort & Casino
NEX9-105 Casino Games   IAB22-1 Contests & Freebies
NEX9-106 Mature Games   IAB22-2 Couponing

Attribute Blocking

A number of our premium publishers may require the blocking of ads using attributes as outlined in the IAB OpenRTB spec. If a bid request contains any of the blocked attributes listed in the table below, buyers should not serve ads containing those attributes. Serving ads is permitted if the publisher does not have a block request in place for these attributes.

Value Description
1 Audio Ad (Auto Play)
2 Audio Ad (User Initiated)
3 Expandable (Automatic)
4 Expandable (User Initiated - Click)
5 Expandable (User Initiated - Rollover)
6 In-Banner Video Ad (Auto Play)
7 In-Banner Video Ad (User Initiated)
8 Provocative or Suggestive Imagery
9 Shaky, Flashing, Flickering, Extreme Animation, Smileys
10 Surveys
11 Text Only
12 User Interactive (e.g., Embedded Games)
13 Windows Dialog or Alert Style
14 Has audio on/off button
15 Ad can be skipped (e.g., skip button on preroll video)

These blocks are always passed in the bid requests within the “battr” field as an array of integers. Refer to the IAB OpenRTB spec for additional details.

Policy Control

At our sole discretion, Oath may terminate your access to the Oath Ad Platforms SSP for any policy violations. In addition, we may use other legal or contractual remedies, as well as assess a surcharge for any such violation. If Oath assesses a surcharge, reasonable discretion will be used to determine the amount, taking into account the nature of the violation, the additional work or expense incurred by Oath in dealing with the violation, and the harm done to Oath's reputation and/or to other Oath clients.

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