Release 178: May 6, 2017

Included in this sprint: Reports header bidding, tile view, sorting Ad Sources and domain character length.

NEW FEATURE: Reports - Header Bidding 

1) Seller Revenue and Seller Traffic reports now support the drilldown by Header Bidding drilldown. To access the header bidding drilldown sellers must have at least one site enabled. If no site is enabled for HB the Header Bidding drilldown is disabled.

Selecting 'Header Bidding' will show user 2 rows (Header Bidding = 0 , Header Bidding = 1). The row Header Bidding = 1 includes data specific to header bidding. Header Bidding = 0 displays non-header bidding data.

The Header Bidding dimension is added to the Buyer Bidder Performance report where it is always visible.


NEW FEATURE: Ad Networks Tab - Tile Mode 

Introducing alternate view mode for Ad Networks grid on Dashboard. Publishers select Tile View by clicking an icon near the search field. Tile View displays ad network's data on individual tiles with the following attributes:

  • Ad Network name
  • "Last Updated" metric
  • 4 KPIs displayed (8 possible, selected by user)
  • Count of assignments
  • Add Ad Source icon - with link to Ad Source creation page from Assignments grid for particular Ad Network


A maximum of 4 KPIs are available per tile. Therefore, in the display drop-down, 4 elements are enabled. Drag other elements to enable them (same as in the tile view on Apps and Sites tab).

For each Ad Network, click the expand icon at the bottom of the tile to show the Assignments tree. Clicking on Ad Source in this tree redirects user to Ad Source form.

Added sorting functionality to Tile View mode. Now user has the ability to sort by App/Site Name, Type, and currently selected KPIs.


Default sort order is by Revenue descending. Sorting occurs only on Ad Network Name, "Last updated" and the 4 KPIs that have been selected for display.


NEW FEATURE: Mediation page - Sorting for Ad Sources grid

Users now have the ability to sort Ad Source data by column on Mediation page by clicking within the header grid. Sorting operates separately within each tier (including the unassigned section.
Default sort is Revenue (descending).



NEW FEATURE: Ad Size - option 728x90

Addition of ad size 728x90 can be selected at placement and tag level if site type = Mobile Website and the placement type is banner.


IMPROVEMENT: Style Updates

  • Tabs - across the application all tabs have new updated look
  • Modal Windows and Buttons - new style for Cancel button and Secondary buttons.
  • Payment and Tax Info Button - Submit and Cancel buttons on the Payment and Tax Info page have been updated with rounded corners to look like the other buttons in application.


IMPROVEMENTS: Domains - Increased Character Length

The character length limitation has been increased (from 6 to 63 characters) to accommodate new naming conventions for top level domains. This change has been made in all areas of the application where domain is validated, including:

  • Block Group page - Advertisers Domains
  • Marketplace Settings page - Block Custom Domains
  • AOL Mobile Marketplace ad source - Additional Categories and Domains
  • Exchange Wide Blocks (internal page)
  • Ad Verification (internal page), etc.


BUG FIXES: Login Screen - Realigned text

Centered text on the login button.

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