Integration Checklist for DSPs

Integrating to buy ad space from Oath Ad Platforms SSP inventory may seem complicated, but it really isn't.
The steps below clarify the process.

Familiarize yourself with our platform, and once you are ready to become a partner with Oath Ad Platforms SSPget the process started by contacting a demand services manager.

Next complete the following steps in order.

  1. Meet your Account Manager and provide info about your platform.
  2. Sign the Master Service Agreement Contract (MSA) and return to your account manager.
  3. Follow the prompt in the email from your account manager.
    1. Code to the RTB and SSP Ad Specs
    2. Login to the SSP UI
    3. Enter your endpoint (URL) and adjust Bidder Configuration Filters (See UI Set Up for Mobile Buyers)
    4. Check out performance monitoring features (See UI Reporting for Mobile DSP)
    5. As an alternative to UI reports, access reporting via reporting API (See Monitoring Performance with the Reporting API for Mobile Buyers)
  4. Complete Testing in test environment with following expectations:
    1. Ad Quality: iURL, Adomain, Creative ID & Campaign ID
    2. Banner/Interstitial Test
    3. Video Test
    4. Optional Deal ID or Native Test (let your account manager know if these tests are required)
    5. See the Bid Request Examples article and submit representative response samples to your account manager who will ensure compatibility and quality control
    6. Ensure your response meets the time requirement; under 200 ms
    7. Receive final approval email from account manager
  5. Run Live Tests
    1. Native Test (if not done in test environment)
    2. Deal ID Test (if not done in test environment)
    3. Use the Oath Expo app to test creatives prior to launching
  6. Run Bidder Performance Reports
    1. Using the UI Reporting feature
    2. Or code to our Reporting API 
  7. Ramp Up - increase QPS to your comfort level.
  8. Target Your Campaigns - familiarize yourself with the Nexage custom extensions and use them to help you better target your advertising.
  9. Dive deeper into bidder performance using Metamarkets.
  10. Enhance the Partnership 
    1. User Matching
    2. Deal ID and PMP support
    3. Header Bidding
    4. Viewability
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