Customize Your View

Customize how your apps, sites and ad networks are displayed.
Choose the customizable overview along with key business metrics that best suits your business needs.

Our main UI dashboard allows users to quickly view all your supply-side data. 

  • Use the search box to easily locate a single app/site or ad network.
  • Use the filters and sorting features to narrow down which apps/sites or ad networks are displayed.
  • View your apps/sites and ad networks in the interactive tile format or in a list.

Choose a View

Tile View

On either the Applications and Sites Tab or the Ad Networks Tab, click the Tile View icon (four black squares) to display your apps/site or ad networks in individual tiles along with placements and 4 key metrics (which you get to choose). Organize your tiles alphabetically by name or by type. Sort them in ascending or descending order using the ^ toggle. It’s all up to you.



List View

Click the List View icon (three dots and lines) to display your apps/sites or ad networks in a comprehensive list. Although the App/Site Name and Type will always appear in the first two columns, you can organize the rest of the columns by dragging and dropping their headers to any order you choose. You can also change column order by clicking the gear in the last column header. Use the ^ toggle to sort columns alphabetically or numerically in ascending or descending order.


Filter to Find Data Easily

Within either Tile view or List View use the filter check boxes to narrow your data. Blue turns the filter ON and white means it is OFF.

Use the Thumb tack to pin the filter menu to the left side of your dashboard. Unclick the thumb tack to close the filter menu.

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