Release 177: April 18, 2017

Included in this sprint: Login, sorting, assignments grid, ad sizes, UX dropdowns, bidder groups and general bug fixes. 

IMPROVEMENT: New Log-In Screen 

The last step of our migration to the central AOL authentication service has been completed. We updated the log-in screen, replacing the two log-in options with a new, single log-in button.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-19 um 13.02.34.png


IMPROVEMENT: Placement Dashboard - Sorting Functionality

Added sorting functionality to the Placement Dashboard. Users can now sort their placements by:

  • Placement Name
  • Placement Type
  • Revenue

The default sort order is descending Revenue. Custom sort orders are saved per user session.


IMPROVEMENT: Style Update - Assignments Grid on Ad Networks and Marketplace Tabs 

We have changed the workflow tool within the assignments grid when creating/editing an Ad Source for Ad Networks or Marketplace sources.

When adding a new Ad Source (click blue "plus" button on the "Assignments" tab and select an Ad Source from the drop down), the form is opened with Ad Source type prefilled (user is not able to choose another type):

  • Choosing Ad Network from drop down opens Ad Networks form.
  • Choosing AOL Mobile Marketplace from the drop down opens Marketplace form.

When clicking "Edit" from the actions menu on Assignments Tab, assignments grid is replaced by form for ad source editing.


IMPROVEMENT: UX Update - Placement Dashboard

  • The full page area of Placement dashboard has become scrollable with ad sources now being the primary content to scroll. User can view more ad sources at the same time, and the Site metrics panel can be scrolled.
  • We improved visibility of active test ad sources. Now active test ad source has orange background (+orange toggle), inactive test source has light orange background (+gray toggle). This designation should make it more clear to the user that test ad sources should be temporary and not left in place after testing is completed.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop entire unassigned section and assign it to a new tier.
  • Added a placements counter.
  • Added "edit" icon to left side placement panel only, the other actions are available in dropdown when clicking "3 dots" icon.


IMPROVEMENT: Ad Size Settings

Note for Custom Ad Size

Added warning notes in red text to the custom ad size setting when user selects an ad size outside of the drop down menu. Non-standard ad sizes will limit programmatic fill in the marketplace which is focused around standard mobile ad sizes. Applied to both placement level and ad source level forms.

  • Placement level:
  • Ad source level:


Remove Ad Size Setting “480x75”

Removed option for ad size “480x75” from everywhere on UI (PSS + Seller Admin: placement settings, ad source settings, campaign settings). Dimensions are no longer considered standard ad size.


IMPROVEMENT: Marketplace - Bids Column

The Bids column has been removed from the Marketplace tab.


IMPROVEMENT: Bidder Groups - Order of Tabs in Multi-select

Changed the order of tabs in multi-select component for Bidder groups. Now "All Bidders" tab opens first.


IMPROVEMENT: Multi-select Dropdowns - Ability to Open Inner Items while Searching

All search controls with multiselect option (seller admin + PSS): added the ability to open and view inner elements and sub-elements even if they are not an exact match to the search criteria.


IMPROVEMENT: Updated Dropdown Behavior

Input fields with dropdowns that are located close to the page footer will now open upwards. Applied across PSS.


BUG FIX: Self-Service - The following bugs were fixed

  • Placement ID: no longer possible to save two placements with the same ID. Display Warning message - 'Placement with the given id already exists for this Site'.
  • My Contact Info pop-up: the required fields First Name & Last Name are now marked by red asterisk.
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