Release 176: April 5, 2017

Included in this sprint: Tile view sorting, UX on placement dashboard, filtering, color code messages, pre-fill forms and general bug fixes. 

NEW FEATURE: Tile Mode for Apps and Sites Grid - Sorting Functionality

Added sorting functionality to Tile view mode. Now user has the ability to sort by App/Site Name, Type, and currently selected KPIs.

  • Default sort order is by Revenue descending. Sorting occurs only on the 4 KPIs that have been selected for display.
  • The current sort order is highlighted in the drop-down with an arrow (for ascending and descending order).
  • A custom sort order is saved when switching between tile and list modes.
  • When sorting is applied the user will experience animation as tiles are moved around.


IMPROVEMENT: UX Update - Ad Sources Area on Placement Dashboard

Updated look to Mediation page:

  • counters for ad sources added
    • number of assigned ad sources
    • total number of ad sources
    • number of unassigned ad sources
  • orange labels for ad sources counter
    • for unassigned ad sources
    • for assigned ad sources when the number of ad sources = 0
  • exclamation icon added to the “Unassigned” section
  • striped background for unassigned area, gray background for each ad source in “Unassigned” section
  • visual cues for drag/drop added
  • icons for ad sources types removed
  • spaces between ad sources removed


IMPROVEMENT: Campaigns - Style Updates to Filtering

Filter on “My Campaigns” tab has the same look and functionality as on App/Sites grid:


IMPROVEMENT: Style Updates - ONE: Mobile Models and Notification Messages

Pop-ups with notification messages are now differentiated between 3 types across application (each type has its own color label) :

  • Success

  • Information

  • Warning

 Also, wording is updated for some pop-ups to be consistent across application and more clear to user.


IMPROVEMENT: Update -Visual Cue to Add Placements from Apps/Sites Grid

When an app/site has been added (without a placement being specified) a new row appears on the grid with a “plus” icon and label “Add a placement". The label is expanded by default. The new row and label indicates to the user that a placement is needed for this app/site.


IMPROVEMENT: Prefilling of additional forms and fields

When publishers go to additional pages within the platform, their form information is prefilled. If publisher clicks:

  • “Request Javascript” he/she will be redirected to the page where the “Subject” field will be prefilled in addition to the standard ones.
  • “Send request” from “My Campaigns” → Subject field will be filled by “ACCESS REQUEST FOR AD SERVING CAPABILITIES”
  • “Submit a ticket” when objects limit is exceeded → Subject field will be filled by “LIMIT INCREASE” and Description field will be filled based on the fact which object limit has been exceeded.


BUG FIXES: Self-Service - The following bugs were fixed

  • Bidder/Block groups - several identical groups can be created when Save is rapidly clicked several times. After Save is clicked first time, a “loading” icon is shown on the button preventing additional clicks.
  • Change Password pop-up - the fields were transparent, now they have borders.
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