Release 175: March 21, 2017

Included in this sprint: Notification messages, tile view Apps & Sites and general bug fixes. 

IMPROVEMENT: Style Updates - Models and Notification Messages

Modal windows have updated look: white background and gray footer, header is no longer black.


Pop-ups with notification messages are restyled for consistency across application. An animation effect is applied when opening this message.


IMPROVEMENT: Ad Screening - Filter Out Ineligible Bidders

The Ad Screening “Buyer” drop-down has been updated to display only eligible bidders for a given publisher.


NEW FEATURE: Tile Mode for Apps and Sites Grid

Introducing alternate view mode for Apps/Sites grid on Dashboard. Publishers select tile view mode by clicking an icon near the search field. In tile mode, apps/sites are displayed as tiles with the following attributes:

  • Site name
  • Site type and relevant icon
  • 4 KPIs show (8 possible)
  • Count of placements
  • Add Placement icon - with link to Placement creation page
  • Actions icon (opens the actions drop-down with the remaining actions per site)

    A maximum of 4 KPIs are available per tile. Therefore, in the display drop-down, 4 elements are enabled. Drag other elements to enable them (same as in the grid view for columns). Each KPI contains:
    • Name
    • Value
    • Color coded bar with percentage indicator
      The whole (grey) bar equals 100%, the colored part is the calculated percentage value per each metric. Calculations are as follows:
      Revenue, Ad Requests, Ad Responses and Ads Rendered (total metrics) - value is calculated as % of the total across all sites.
      eCPM, RPM, CTR (calculated metrics) - in tooltip user will see increase/decrease based on average value.
      Fill Rate - returned absolute percentage metric. 

Restyled filter feature to update look and add ability to pin/unpin filter selector to left side.

Added a pin shaped icon to open and close filter panel/dropdown.

  • When pin icon is selected, the filter panel is sticky and displayed inline on the left side bumping all grid/tiles content to the right.
  • When pin icon is deselected, filter dropdown is displayed.

If applying filters, the user will experience animation as tiles are moved around.


BUG FIXES: Publisher Self Service

  • Bidder/Block groups - tooltip with # of bidders/categories/advertisers is not truncated and now presents fully visible content.
  • Apps/Sites grid - corrected alphabetical grid sorting by “Type” column function.
  • Apps/Sites grid - corrected issue with grid dropdown sometimes closing when changing the order of metrics above it.

BUG FIX: Reports

  • Initial view of reports with many columns is no longer scrolled to the left when hovering over columns.
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