Release 151: April 1, 2016

NEW FEATURES: PSS - Validation of Unique IDs for Ad Source within an Ad Network

Validation may now be performed for uniqueness of the combination of an Ad Source's Primary and Secondary ID and Name within a specific ad network.

NEW FEATURES: PSS - Copy Placements Across Publisher's Sites

 Users are able to copy a placement and select the site where it is saved.
  • When copying, you can copy all/any tags and tiers associated to that placement
  • When copying, internal users will be able to copy all tags, include Nexage-owned mediation tags. External users will only be able to copy Exchange tags and pub-owned mediation tags.
  • When copying mediation tags, the user will be directed to add a new unique Primary and Secondary ID.

ENHANCEMENT: PSS - AOL Badge for Nexage Owned Tags

All Nexage owned ad sources within the mediation dashboard, are rebranded with an "AOL" badge.

ENHANCEMENT: PSS and Geneva - Remove Requirement for App/Site Description 

The description field is no longer required when setting up a new App/Site.

ENHANCEMENT: PSS - Updating of KPI Boxes

KPI Boxes within the PSS dashboard are updated based on which tab the user is in.
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