Release 174: March 7, 2017

Included in this sprint: App Store ID validation, campaign creation, bidder groups, password tool tip, grids and general bug fixes. 

IMPROVEMENT: PSS - App Store ID Validation

On the PSS Site setup form, the iOS App Store ID is derived from the App Store URL, even if the ID is NOT followed by a question mark symbol "?".


IMPROVEMENT: PSS - Campaign Creation Flow Re-styling

Flow is now consistent with PSS Site/Placement/Ad Source creation. The following changes have been made to the UI:

  • Added a “+” button to the My Campaigns tab
  • Added the Choose Campaign Type bar with drop down
  • Added a pop-up describing campaign types (direct and house)


IMPROVEMENT: PSS - Bidder Groups - Hide Default Eligible Bidder Group in UI

The default Eligible Bidder Group (containing the individual eligible bidders selected and saved by a publisher via the Company setup UI) is now hidden in the PSS UI in the following locations:  

  • Marketplace Ad Source form -> Bidders tab
  • Marketplace Settings
  • Bidder Group Management UI

IMPROVEMENT: PSS - Re-styling of Pages with Grids

  • Replaced ‘Create’ button with a new ‘+’ button
  • Re-styled the search box for: Buyers, Sellers, Deals, Connect Partners, Bidder and Block groups


IMPROVEMENT: Change Password Tool Tip Displays Requirements

As user enters a new password, the One Central password requirements are displayed in a tooltip. Once the password requirements are met, the tooltip and the validation red border disappear.



The following bugs were fixed in this release.

  • Shifting Grids - Grids no longer shift when switching between tabs.
  • Unnecessary scrollbars - no longer display on grids.
  • Redirect on Closing - Users are no longer redirected to the previous page after closing the Copy Ad Source popup.
  • Default setting for the “Optimize my Floor Price” toggle - when creating an Ad Source in the Marketplace the default is now dependent on the company level setting “Enable Floor Price Optimization.”
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