Release 173: February 21, 2017

Included in this sprint: Breadcrumbs, copy reports.


Breadcrumbs were added to all pages in PSS:

  • Reports
  • Ad Screening
  • Reporting Credentials
  • Bidder Group
  • Block Groups
  • Users
  • Payment and Tax Info
  • Estimated Earnings

Internal users can switch sellers via breadcrumbs on each page.


  • When editing a Mediation placement, the "Save and Monetize" button is hidden, only the "Save" button is shown.
  • All icons have been replaced with new graphics. This technical decision eliminates flash effect when hovering over any icon.
  • When moving Ad Sources to a tier, it will stay in the same position in the tier where it was dragged to instead of randomly resorting to a different location in the tier to where it was dragged to. For example, if an ad source is dragged to Tier 1 and dropped in between the first and second ad source already in that tier, it will remain in between the first and second ad source.

IMPROVEMENT: Reports-Copy Report

Pop-up "Copy report" is modified: checkbox message "Don't show this message again" allows the user to turn off this display.


IMPROVEMENT: Download SDK + Request Javascript

  • A "Request Javascript" button and link was added to the Mediation page for Mobile Web sites (at the top of the page and to Integration Info)
  • External users are now able to Request Javascript/Download SDK from the Apps/Sites grid from the actions menu (at the site level), depending on the setting for app/site type.

IMPROVEMENT: Submit Request-Pre-filled With User/Account Info

When user clicks "Submit request" (from Pendo launcher, disclaimer, etc.) they are directed to, where the following fields are prefilled:

  1. Your Email Address
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Company

When user clicks "Request Javascript" they are redirected to also with prefilled fields:

  1. Your Email Address
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Company
  5. App or Website Name
  6. App Store or Site URL
  7. Site ID

IMPROVEMENT: Improved support of International clients in Payment and Tax section

The Payment and Tax Information section now contains the tax form W8-BEN-E for international enterprises. The form can be downloaded from within our UI, and can be uploaded and submitted after having been filled out.


IMPROVEMENT: Single Sign-On Error Message

A new, more concise error message was added to the “Add User” dialogue that is displayed when a new user cannot be added to ONE by AOL: Mobile.


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