Release 172: February 8, 2017

Included in this sprint: Breadcrumbs, copy paste to country targeting, user form, frequency caps,
general style updates, single sign on warning. 

IMPROVEMENT: Style Update - Breadcrumbs

  • Current component of breadcrumbs was modified in order to be more user-friendly (responsive)
  • Animation was applied to the dropdown list opened from breadcrumbs


  • When clicking on the icons "Add placement" or "Edit placement" from the Apps/Sites grid, the user is now redirected to the appropriate form on the Mediation page.
  • Animation for “+” buttons on the Monetization page was updated
  • If a user presses the "back" button in the browser or refreshes the page when a modal window is open, they will see confirm navigation pop-ups.

IMPROVEMENT: Ad Source and Campaigns - CSV format

Users have the ability to use copy/paste for comma-separated values in the country targeting section on the ad source and campaign forms. This is a more efficient way to layer in country targeting across multiple ad sources.

IMPROVEMENT: Ad Server/Campaigns - Frequency Cap

The title and hint for “Frequency Cap” was updated:

  • Title = Frequency Cap (instead of Capping)
  • Text = A Frequency Cap restricts (caps) the number of times (frequency) that a specific app user or mobile website visitor is shown a particular ad

IMPROVEMENT: User Form - First Name/Last Name/Full Name/Username Fields

A few changes have been made to the User Form:

  • UI shows only First Name / Last Name - for new users
  • UI shows only Full Name - for existing users
  • Username is hidden - for new users

IMPROVEMENT: Ad Screening - Filter Panel

Previously, when a value was entered into the URL search field to filter the creatives and an ad was then blocked, the filters were reset. So, in order to block multiple creatives with the same filter criteria, the filter would need to be entered and applied multiple times. A change has been made so that the fields on the filter panel are now not reset after a block has been applied, but will remain in place until the filters are manually cleared. 


IMPROVEMENT: Single Sign-On Warning for existing ONE by AOL Suite User

All users which have an existing user account for one of the products of the ONE by AOL suite, but do not have an account for ONE by AOL: Mobile, will see the message below when trying to log into ONE by AOL: Mobile via Single Sign-On (clicking on the “New Customer Login” button):


BUG FIX: App Store ID - for Android Applications

The App Store ID on the application creation page was to be pre-populated, however, for Android applications incorrect logic was in place. This has been fixed and the App Store ID is extracted from the App Store URL based on the rule: Android App store ID is the reverse URL after ?id and before the &.

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