Release 171: January 24, 2017

Included in this sprint: App/Site creation & editing, monetization, Launcher, reset password, general bug fixes. 

IMPROVEMENT: Style Update - Application/Site creation/editing

  • The App Store ID on the application creation page is now pre-populated. The App Store ID is extracted from the App Store URL based on the known rules, and there is no need for a user to enter it manually. This field is read-only.

  • When editing a Site from the Dashboard, users now see a new label, “Editing,” next to the Site name.

IMPROVEMENT: Style Update - Monetization Page

  • When creating a new Placement from the Monetization page, there is no longer a preselected placement type.

  • “+” buttons on Monetization page for Placement and Ad Source creation are now animated.

  • “Download SDK” buttons/links were added on the Monetization page for iOS and Android application types :

    • at the top of the Monetization page

    • to to the Integration Info box on the Placement form

  • These buttons/links direct a user to developer documentation for iOS and Android.
  • A user is provided with some short descriptions for direct/house ad sources (in a pop-up window "More about...")

    • Direct: An agreed upon relationship with an advertiser, agency or network of advertisers to promote their advertisements
    • House: Use their own ads to backfill requests that are not monetized by an Ad Source or Direct campaign
  • When users have no ad sources in any tiers, they will see the message:  "Don't forget to activate your ad sources"


IMPROVEMENT: Single Sign On - Password Field and Reset Password 

  • With the move to SSO, when a new user is created, the user will automatically receive an email which contains a link to a page where the user can set their own password. There is no longer the need to set a password when creating a new user. This will be reflected in the UI in the “Create User” form: the “Password” field has been removed.

  • The ability to reset another user’s password was removed for all users who have been migrated to Single Sign-On (SSO), because SSO users who have forgotten their password can restore it on their own. The "Reset password" functionality was still kept for existing users, who are not migrated yet.


NEW FEATURE: Pendo Launcher

Pendo launcher was built into the application for Pendo guides (for all pages in PSS) and help links. This launcher is stuck to the bottom of the page ( “?” mark) in the footer so it can be found easily.




With the launch of self-registration on 1/24, we will move our user authentication to the central user repository of ONE by AOL. With this move, there will be some changes to the login, create a new user, and the manage password workflows. The main changes and benefits are:

  • All users created from 1/24 onward will enter their login credentials on the central ONE by AOL log in screen
    Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-20 um 18.52.49.png
  • The login screen will provide the functionality for users to retrieve a forgotten password

  • In order to allow both existing users and newly created users to log in under, we have re-styled our login page. With this updated page, a user now has the ability:

    • to log in with the existing ONE by AOL: Mobile username and password by clicking the “EXISTING CUSTOMER LOGIN” button (for existing users)

    • to log in at the central ONE by AOL login screen by clicking the “NEW CUSTOMER LOGIN” button - (for users that signed up after 1/24)

    • to sign up for an account - (for Publishers who do not yet have a ONE by AOL: Mobile account)


BUG FIX: Sign-up Application - Several Countries Can No Longer Be Selected and Highlighted on an iPhone 

iPhone Users are no longer able to select more than one country on the second step of registration.


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