Supply Approval and Review Policy

Supply Approval and Review Policy

New Publisher Onboarding

All publishers are manually audited and approved before being allowed to join the Oath Ad Platform. New publishers are approved to run within 48 hours of registering. Oath does not allow any publisher party to sign up on a blind basis, nor conduct any chain buying. Our inventory is tagged by application or site and placement individually, regardless of partner.

Developers and publishers are required to agree and adhere to our legal terms which prohibit:

  • Racial, ethnic, political, hate mongering and other objectionable content
  • Investment, money-making opportunities or advice not permitted under law
  • Violence and profanity
  • Pornographic, obscene and sexually explicit content
  • Defamatory material and material that threatens physical harm to others
  • Promotion of illegal substances or activities
  • Material that discriminates on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation
  • Content which is inappropriate or harmful to children
  • Promotion of terrorism or terrorist-related activities, sedition or similar activities
  • Any content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of any third party
  • Any content that is unfair, deceptive, or otherwise in violation of any applicable laws, rules, and/or regulation.

See additional information regarding publishers in the Terms and Conditions document.

New Application or Site Onboarding

When a new application or site applies to become part of the Oath Ad Platform, it is reviewed before being integrated into the exchange. This includes authentication checks, a review of all placement URLs, checks for inappropriate or harmful or prohibited content, and confirmation that clicks and impressions are accurately recorded and reported. 

Ongoing Application or Site Review

On an ongoing basis, the Oath Developer Operations Team reviews the inventory and live applications and sites for our Ad Platforms to ensure traffic meets our content quality and fraud standards. Alongside manual inventory checks made by our Developer Operations Team, Oath monitors automated analysis of inventory for fraud and other non-human traffic through both internal tools and by partnering with industry leaders. If any anomalies are identified which would suggest illegitimate or questionable activities, it is in the sole discretion of Oath to disable connection from the relevant site, application, or publisher/developer pending further investigation into the traffic sources.

Invalid and Non-Human Traffic Monitoring

Oath utilizes both internal and partner automated tools to identify and remove invalid events and non-human traffic, including spiders, non-browser agents, crawlers and incomplete request events, along with all types of sophisticated invalid traffic. Oath refers to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines, including the Spiders and Bots List, in addition to our own data and pattern analysis technology to identify and filter non-human traffic to ensure mobile traffic quality.

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