Release 170: January 3, 2017

Included in this sprint: App/Site creation & editing, monetization page, general restyling. 

IMPROVEMENT: Style Update - Application/Site creation/editing

  • When creating a new site, the workflow tool is now built within the grid rather than the previous modal window.
  • The selection of application/site type is now in a dropdown with the list of types. Also, there is help link next to the dropdown which tells the user more information about types. Once the application/site type is selected, the grid disappears and the form for site creation is displayed.
  • When editing a site from the Dashboard, users now stay on the Application/Site tab (like when creating new app/site)

IMPROVEMENT: Style Update - Monetization Page

  • When creating a new Ad Source from the Monetization page, there is an updated workflow tool within the monetization dashboard rather than the previous modal window.
  • The “Add Ad Source” button has been replaced with a new one (plus icon).
  • The selection of an ad source type is now in a dropdown with the list of types. Also, there is help link next to the dropdown which tells the user more information about the ad source types.
  • Actions for ad sources (Edit, Copy, Archive) are available from the “Action” menu in the grid with ad sources
  • Editing of ad sources from the Monetization page are also displayed in built-in screens (not in modal windows). The “Copy” function will be still processed in the modal window.

IMPROVEMENT: Style Update - General Style Updates

  • Breadcrumbs are now on the header of the page and the wording “Dashboard” was replaced with the icon. The functionality has been kept the same.
  • Site metrics on the Mediation page were restyled to match general styles across the application. Now, they are placed into cells (like dashboard KPI boxes).
  • Seller Name was added at the top of the page (at the former place for breadcrumbs) on the Dashboard, Application and Sites, Ad Networks, Marketplace, and Estimated Earnings pages.
  • All buttons across PSS now have round corners.
  • New style for Cancel button on the Mediation page was applied - now it looks like a link.
  • Blue hover state for the icons on placement side-tabs was added.


IMPROVEMENT: Single Sign On - New Fields for First Name and Last Name

  • A new user created will have an account in ONE: Mobile and ONE: Central. The ONE: Central account will store the username and password and will control authentication, whereas the ONE: Mobile account will store the username and authorizations (i.e. the roles of the user).
  • A flag was added on the server side to enable/disable the creation of new users in ONE: Central.
  • The User Create/Edit form now has two additional fields: First Name and Last Name. The field "Full Name" is the combination of 2 fields which is automatically populated.


IMPROVEMENTS: Re-styling - Login Page

The Login page has been updated and now a user has the ability:

  • to log in with Nexage credentials - for existing users
  • to log in with ONE: Mobile credentials - for new users that signed up in 2017
    ** This will remain hidden until Self-Registration Launch on 1/24


BUG FIX: PSS - "Default Eligible Bidder Group" Removed from PSS

The “Default Eligible Bidder Group” is now hidden in PSS, but is still visible in company setup in the Seller Admin UI.

To be fixed in a future sprint: removing ineligible bidders from available selection as individual bidders in PSS

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