Creative Tab

Add, manage and customize your creatives from the Creative Tab.

The Creative Tab is accessed within a Placement when you select the Oath Ad Platforms SSP as the Ad Source.

A creative is an advertisement that displays within the content of an application or site on a mobile device. These ads may include animations or embedded URLs.

Once a campaign ad source and placement has been created, you can add additional settings to your creative. 

Ad Size

The Ad Size can be inherited from the placement or you can define a custom size.


Ad Size Inherited from the Placement

The settings of the Placement ID will determine the ad size requested. When you select the ‘Inherit from Placement’ setting, the default ad size will display. Banner placements default to dynamic ad size.

For in-app inventory, AOL’s SDK recognizes device specific ad sizes within the ad request. This means you do not need separate ad sizes assigned to new placements unless doing so fits your monetization strategy.

Custom Ad Size

Although standard ad sizes are always accepted, you are free to use ads with custom sizing. When using custom ad sizes on a placement, we highly recommend the following:

  • Organize your waterfall to track phone and tablet inventory separately
  • Creating a reciprocal ad source so that your inventory is not overlooked
  • When designating inventory as ‘phone only’ or ’tablet only’ set the ad size to ‘inherit from placement’

Auto Expand

You can choose whether or not a creative will Auto Expand to fit a device screen. We encourage this option if it makes sense to the user experience. Auto-expand creatives are assigned higher price points over standard banners. However, if you feel this will alienate your user base, please default to a monetization strategy that best fits your users’ expectations.

Next Step

Now that you have set up your ad sources to receive creatives, take the next step to target your inventory. Read our information on Targeting Ad Sources.

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